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Milton Chili Company

Quality Makes the Difference

Who doesn’t enjoy a coney island chili dog here in the great state of Michigan, especially when that hot dog is topped by the Milton Chili Company’s very own great tasting chili.  Here at Milton’s Chili, our top priority is to provide an exceptionally consistent chili of the highest quality that will satisfy even your most demanding customer with its robust flavor.
Milton Chili makes the worlds finest, all natural, no fillers high quality hot dog chili. Our chili is made using the same fresh and natural ingredients called for by our recipe since 1929.  Not only has our recipe never changed, but, unlike other companies, we have never cheapened our product by using TVP (textured vegetable protein), We will never use
product extenders as a substitute for quality.  Our fine product is available to food distributors, restaurants, coney islands, and schools.

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